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 Welcome to Satya Education and Consulting Private  Limited. 


Satya Education and Consulting Private Limited, founded in March 2014, aims to provide quality educational solutions, services and products at an affordable price to the student community.  


Our vision is to make Engineering Education, “Simple, Admirable and Adorable”. In simple terms, our vision is to make students passionate in their studies. Our motto is “Real Education makes Real Difference” to the educated and to the society. 


To simplify the concepts, we plan to use simulation tools. If this is not sufficient, we will use Animation and Graphics too. The existing laboratory exercises can be made interesting, if appropriate explanations for the observations are made and their significance explained in the theory classes.


To kindle the passion in Engineering students, establishing a hobby club will be the right step in making students realize the real world applications of theory and laboratory course work, they have undergone. We plan to come up with a hobby club manual, which students can try to implement in the summer or winter vacation to get a feel of the real world application of the concepts they have learned.


We believe there is beauty in complex engineering designs and schemas. This complexity can be split into a few simple blocks, which works based on few fundamental laws. In other words, if we understand that few simple blocks adds up to a complex model, this simplicity in complexity becomes Admirable.


Adorable is the ultimate thing which the education and educated gets. Respect and envy, which the educated commands, drives the students passionately to pursue their quest for knowledge. Knowledge and Knowledge applied is what makes the society as a whole progress further.  


To make Engineering education simple and enjoyable, we have published 2 books on 2 tough subjects in EEE – Electrical Circuit Theory and Electromagnetic Theory. Along with the books, we have provided a quick revision chart and a solved question paper booklet to improve the confidence level of the students. Both the books are unique in its kind, student-friendly, exam-oriented and concept-driven.


Though the books are meant for Anna University students, it can be used by other university students as well. We plan to come up with related animation in future. Engineering Education has to be a sort of vocational education to make graduates employable, to achieve our motto of “Real Education makes Real Difference”. We are working towards that end.