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Mr. V.Satyanathan, M.Tech, is the Chairman and Managing director of Satya Education and Consulting Private Limited. He completed his B.Tech (EEE-2000 Batch) and M.Tech (EDC-2004 Batch) in Pondicherry Engineering College, Pondicherry or Puducherry, as it is called at present. Then he worked as lecturer in an affiliated engineering college of Anna University for 3 years, followed by software career spanning more than 6 years. He founded Satya Education and Consulting Private Limited in March 2014 with the objective of making engineering education “Simple, Admirable and Adorable” to the students. 


Satya had a memorable stint in software, in which he achieved several milestones. He worked for several prestigious clients in some of the leading Multinational Companies. He worked in SAP BI providing insightful analytical reports, transforming business processes in domains like Banking, Finance, Steel, Semiconductor, and Automobile Industry. He provided thought leadership in the area of Sustainability Reporting and Sustainability Performance Management. His Blogs are thought provoking. In fact, one of his scholarly articles was published in SAP Newsletter. He even proposed a thought provoking logo for Sustainability.


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Satya is one of the Subject Matter Expert in SAP Sustainability Performance Management (SuPM). Click the link - Sustainability for the year 2010.

His profile is available in LINKEDIN.


Before stepping into software, Satya had an illustrious career as lecturer in an affiliated Engineering College of Anna University for 3 years. He closely studied the problems faced by average and below average students and developed an effective teaching methodology, which increased the comprehension and appreciation level of the subject by the students, and finally the pass percentage too.


The job satisfaction and the impact of the teaching career was so profound that he decided to shift his career, to address the problems faced by the student community. Now he focuses full time in carrying out his vision to larger audience by writing books, which simplifies complex concepts and supporting it with simulation models, animations, graphics etc.


His vision and his company's vision is to make engineering education and education in general, “Simple, Admirable and Adorable.” Satya plans to use technology, esp. Animation and simulation tools, in the field of education to achieve his vision.


Satya is a Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (MISTE) and is committed to make significant contribution to technical education. He has come up with 2 books – Electrical Circuit Theory and Electromagnetic Theory, for engineering students, especially for Anna University. Both the books are unique in its kind, student-friendly, exam-oriented and concept-driven. The unique features are listed in the respective section.