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Board of Directors

Board of our Company - Satya Education and Consulting Pvt. Ltd comprises of the following people as Executive Directors.


Mr. V.Satyanathan - Chairman   

Satya has a rich experience in both teaching and software totaling around 12 years. He worked as a lecturer for 3 years, where he got deep insights into problems faced by the students. His experience in software industry on the other hand exposed him to the latest technologies which can be used efficiently to enhance the comprehension level of the students. He has already published 2 books - Electrical Circuit Theory and Electromagnetic Theory and along with the books, quick revision chart and a solved question paper booklet have been provided to improve the confidence level of the students. He plans to come up with supporting simulations, animation and graphics to further enhance the understanding of the students.

During his stint in software, Satya studied the problems faced by the organizations for want of trained resources. Indian students on the other hand are earnest to learn new technologies and have shown their mettle, when trained properly. Our start-up also aims at mitigating the problems faced by the organization looking for competent trained resources and students looking for employment opportunity by creating a win-win situation. Satya has plan to take the organization in Engineering Consulting and Resourcing area.


Mr. P.Shankar - Executive Director

Shankar has rich experience in sales for around 15 years. He has well established contacts in Pharmaceutical Industry and is a successful sales person. He started his career as a sales representative and rose to the level of manager taking care of multiple sales territories like Chennai, Vellore, Cuddalore, Pondicherry etc. He is expert at implementing the organization's sales strategies and norms to achieve the set target. He is a great motivator and successfully led his sales team. 


Mr. T. Gandhiraj - Executive Director

Gandhiraj is an entrepreneur. He has 12 years of experience in building and scaling up companies.


Mrs. V.Kamala - Executive Director

Mrs. V.Kamala comes with rich experience in human resource management.